I’ve been in the indie publishing world for one year now – boy did that go fast! And one thing I learnt was that I had a lot to learn…and I’m forever grateful to the wonderful indie authors who’ve shared their knowledge with me. However I did come to the party armed with some knowledge – and that’s how to build websites and how to use email marketing effectively. Once I got my head around how to utilize my existing skills for my author business, I’ve seen amazing growth and I want to share that with you, to put back into the indie author community.

Below are some videos, nothing fancy, on some email marketing/list building tips, tricks, behind the scenes stuff. I haven’t gone full blown into a training course (although I could be tempted if demand is high enough) but I wanted to share what I know with authors who either don’t have a mailing list yet, or have a small list and don’t know how to grow it. And shock horror, you don’t need a website. Nuh uh. Pretty amazing.

Beneath the videos are some downloadable PDFs of one of my autoresponder sequences that you can swipe – just don’t copy word for word, obviously tell your own story, but follow a similar format. You don’t have to have six emails by the way, three or four is fine, do whatever feels right and comfortable and tweak it as you go along.


First of all you’ll need something to offer (a freebie), usually authors will give a full length novel, a novella, or a preview (first few chapters) of a book. Important! If your book is in KU (Kindle Unlimited) you can not give it away on Instafreebie or anywhere else. It’s against Amazons T&Cs. However you CAN give 10% away. So before you organize your email marketing software and autoresponders, sort out what you’re going to be delivering to your prospective readers.


Watch the videos.

Autoresponder Email Swipe

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