My Real Life Love Story

Since I love to write romance, I want to share my love story with you…and I want to hear yours! 

I wish I could start by saying we’ve been married for 20+ years, but that’s just not the case. The truth is, I’m divorced. I don’t like using terms like ‘first husband’ because it sounds like I collect them, lol. He’s number one, that one’s number two, here’s number three! The backstory is, I married young at twenty-three, had two beautiful babies and we fell into a pattern of life. We wanted to provide for our family and give them a good life, only what neither of us realized is that the sacrifices made (working long hours) to do that providing actually deprived us (and our family) of each other. We spent so much time apart that the inevitable happened…we drifted apart, and sadly parted ways.

At the time I was living in rural South Australia in a town called Ceduna. Nursing a broken heart and wanting to start over, I moved to Adelaide, and let me tell you, from a small town of four thousand to a city of just over one million people was quite the culture shock!

I’m a shy introvert. It’s not easy for me to meet people and make friends. I made a couple of friends at work but I wanted to expand my friendship circle and, after a year or so, I was ready to start dating again, so I decided to join a dating agency – a real, physical one, where you go into an office and talk with real people who match you up with other members of the agency, rather than throwing my hat into the online circus.

Did it work? Yes and no. I made new friends but nothing of a romantic nature. One friendship that stuck was with a guy called Richard, and he had a friend called Tony (can you see where this is going?) and although I’d heard about Tony in many conversations we seemed to miss each other at social events. He’d attend something that I missed. Or I’d attend something that he skipped. It was six months before we were both at the same place at the same time. A pub. My eyes landed on him and it was WOWZERS, yes, please! Copious amounts of alcohol were involved. And an ice cube fight. The rest, as they say, is history!

That was seventeen years ago. We’ve been very happy together ever since. Not every day is perfect, but I’m where I’m meant to be and feel blessed to be spending my life with a man I love, and who loves me. We decided to forgo marriage, but we did hold a kick-ass party where we exchanged vows and I got a diamond ring 🙂

Over to you. Tell me your love story in the comments.